You can get the firmware here Primary. 2. Would I have better performance with separated 2.4Hz and 5Hz where 2.4Hz will be used for IoT devices and smartphones and 5Hz for TVs, notebooks, Apple TVs and Xbox? Asus offers several other Wi-Fi 6 products including their lower-cost AiMesh AX6100 system all the way up to their over-the top ROG Rapture GT-AX11000. I have wired ports throughout my house and don’t mind managing them separately. Basically make as few changes as possible. And i did get them exchanged. At times it can keep up for almost a full day with a “great” signal detected (if I look at the mobile app, it reports about -60dBm at the most remote spot I’d even consider having it at, which beats the computer just 2m from the main unit with its -70ish dBm), so it doesn’t make any sense why it regularly drops down to the 2.4GHz band and claims a “poor” signal (sill about the same actual strength though). I will wait for the public release. . But using the GT as the main router will work, too. All of my devices are humming along nicely. Having had Ubiquiti stuff before though, I’m fully aware that it will end up with me investing more and more into their eco system! From what I understand the Netgear Orbi can’t mesh, but connects to the main router, thus in different property shapes, if you can’t place it in the middle, it wouldn’t be as optimal? No, you need to link the RT-AX3000 to the RT-AX88U. Default was it Aggressive mode … but after changed it in normal mode. Thanks again for your great insight and web site! The USB port is only for a cellular modem. I’m about 95% sure I’m going to go with the ZenWifi package for my home in the coming weeks dependant on availablility (in canada). Other than customizing your Wi-Fi network’s name and password. The other goes to feed the Sonos system. Not sure if hardware issue or firmware issue till date. I currently have ASUS ac5300 and blue cave routers in my home. Phenomenal content on this site. You can see the version in the screenshots. I just purchased XT8. Along with Amplifi Alien, also consider Orbi RBK852 and its little brother RBK752. But, it wouldn’t stay on the network – it keep being dropped. Easy setup even for me. I had to set it up again thinking there’d be something to re-test… Great input on the Link Aggregation. And you’re right, Asus routers have way too many options! Anyone experience issues setting up an asus XT8 as set up app is not recognising the devices either. We do have CAT5 ports in four rooms in the house. AIprotection used to catch malicious websites on my AX58U. I used both 2×2 Wi-Fi 6 and top Wi-Fi 5 clients for the testing. Thanks for the review Dong and the great site. Mains only or node, same result from speedtest. Not much of gaming happening here. When TimeSync failed.. the entire thing basically shut down or just became unstable which happens daily. I applied the update and everything is working fine, but I’d like to know what changed and if others are having luck with this update, too. I am having these same issues with my Asus zenwifi. issue fixed soon. Thanks. I was replying to Ryan, who said he bought 2 XT8 to compliment his existing AC5300. Other than the guest network (not) roaming, I got lightning fast and stable WiFi (1 week and counting). Speed is not a major concern as my ISP max out at 300Mbps, so signal strength and stability is the bigger concern for me. Seeing that king of experience i’ve big doubts in buying XT8 . I had this exact problem when setting up my mesh. All my LAN devices work just fine. All day. Hey Dong, you briefly mention timemachine compatibility in the review. But generally, update the hardware to the latest firmware and set it up from scratch. WoW ! Option 1: Buy another AC68U to add to the existing AiMesh. 2. Would I be better off getting another set of XT8’s (and having 4 nodes total), or going with an AX1000? Any new info on when this system will be getting WiFi 6E support? 2) I am also having some random connection drops from a chrome book and a laptop on the network. As you can imagine with a lot of WiFi home automation devices I have a combination of 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz (WiFi 5) devices along with WiFi 6 devices. Worst part was after the manual reboot of the router, the node lost its security protection so was literally operating as an open access point. We have about a 4000 sqft home. I’d recommend two things: 1. Since I upgraded to Firmware Version, router is stable for last 5 days. Thanks for the review. – Change region to United States and get the 160Mhz setting for 5G-2 band. Thanks again for your insight!! Now I’m unable to reach the router web interface anymore, with (and now returning ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. The XT8 did it best when working as a mesh. Only 3 days in but i am considering returning. So, the issue with Option A GT-AX11000 main router with two XT8 nodes hard-wired to the router (creating a wired backhaul) – is that I will not get a WPA3 in this mesh setup. Need something that works with good customer service!! From there, it attaches to an OpenMesh Switch (OMs8) and through Ethernet Cat5 cables to two OpenMesh A60 access points. Dong, you are completely right to suggest the user should not beat the head to get good speed numbers. Dong, first I KNEW you would go solo eventually! Believe it or not, the system was quite stable in the house, but the drop in throughput from my gigabit connection was way too much. Generally, it’s best to use wires to link the hardware units together, so your setup will be great! Also considering this function is available in ZenWiFi itself I assume Asus also assumes it may make sence. I have to reboot the second node at least every hour to keep it online. As you see, Wifi backhaul is not important for me, since I will be using wired as much as I can, but I want to have decent wifi speed in every room, on both floors. Thanks! All are wired. By the way, since the default IP changed, it seemed you might have had another router *before* the first XT8, if so, that could be part of the issue. I am using 5GHz only at the moment to get speedier internet. More on that here. thank you in advance. Didn’t realize how much I missed it. Would there be any performance advantage going with the GT? I am in dilemma, I have 2 options: A: Asus RT-AX88U AX6000 + ASUS RT-AX3000 in AiMesh (if signal from one router will not be enough) Or would you rather advice to wait for the Zen ( 1-2 weeks not much ). Appreciate your help. That said, yes, the XT8 supports WAP3, but you can’t use it. You can keep the AC5300 as your main router. Have fun with your new project! I actually don’t want to use my old ASUS routers, managing two routers is my limit :). The XT8’s wired backhaul also worked well in my trial — in this case, the distance between the two units doesn’t matter much. This has been my go to page for this setup and i love your review. Haven’t had a chance to test it out yet. Wifi performance is ok but not great. Can anyone locate/confirm a place url to purchase a separate (third) unit to improve my coverage (in a 7000 sq foot house with some stone and metal beams) ? Regarding the ZenWiFi mesh systems, I haven’t been able to find any official documentation about whether they support the 802.11k/v/r standards for seamless roaming. Hi Dong…I have 3 XT8s working rather well between then and I recently installed a wired backhaul. With WiFi-6 on the horizon, coupled with the influx of whole home coverage through Mesh WiFi systems, ASUS has thrown their unassuming, yet powerful tri-band, ZenWiFi AX6600 XT8 into the ring. I can’t seem to find the setting anywhere . Yes, that works. I pushed my financials to get it since I want a unit that could keep me over a whole wifi generation instead of buying an wifi 5 unit now and a 6 in a few years… so I’m quite at a loss now. if you need at least 3 nodes). I’m currently trying to decide between the Orbi 852, AmpliFi Alien and this one. Part of that I think is some loss of speed due to the trend micro software, which I loved and hated at the same time. So 4 sounds like a decent number. I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about, Charles. Jun 24 02:06:05 wlceventd: wlceventd_proc_event(461): eth5: Deauth_ind 46:32:9F:FD:6E:AC, status: 0, reason: Deauthenticated because sending station is leaving (or has left) IBSS or ESS (3) Stay with what you have for now, or get two GT-AX11000 units. This thing is going back. I’ve rebooted. I have been waiting for a good replacement since my Comcast ISP speed has increased from 100mbit to 200mbit and I am getting around 120mbit wired or wireless. On the Adaptive QoS tab, click on QoS and then click disable and and apply. Sorry to hear, Martin. Though not a must-have, it’s a reasonably-priced, flexible Wi-Fi 6 AiMesh system with a ton more to offer than its more expensive rivals. Thanks! At CES 2020, ASUS presents not only gaming monitors, but also devices for a stable Internet connection.Thus, the company announced at the fair the mesh network routers ZenWiFi AX (XT8) and ZenWiFi AC (CT8) and the brand new router ZenWiFi Voice. Installed it just before sleep. But in anecdotal tests, I could put it some 70 feet away and still get speed fast enough to deliver my 300 Mbps internet in full. We’re talking about 10 Wi-Fi devices (not simultaneously), 10 wired devices (not simultaneously), 4K Netflix (wired TV), and internet usage going on frequently. Somehow it could cause that problem. The Asus supports WPA3 fine, Flippo. I tried everything on the windows 10 machine to fix this without the reboot, but it needs rebooted at least once a day to get around this issue (i have another wifi 6 card and adapter for m2 to pcie coming to test as well). All of these things I did previously except I initially set up the system via the phone app. Sorry to bother you again. I’ve just set the QOS to “work-from-home” to prioritize online conferencing. Some do it to fix some bugs they have, others consider it to improve performance considering how sophisticated this system is (small PC). I thought one Zen Wifi unit might be enough coverage and that I could add a node later if needed. I am currently working from home as is my wife and mother in law who lives with us. You’re probably right, Allen, but the routers’ 5 GHz-2 band indeed supports the 160 MHz channel width. But the Wi-Fi 5 client speed seems a little disappointing. I need to add another AIMesh point for a dead spot and that will not be in Ethernet I am afraid. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Also does QoS really do any difference? Some forum I read where other has issue connecting the node via cable as well. I’d recommend the Lyra Trio, or a combo of dual-band AiMesh routers. My Gateway’s WIFI is disabled but has its own local IP network, with only two clients connected to it: A TV box and my XT8 router (my XT8 network uses a slightly different LAN IP address to avoid conflicts). – Improved connection stability. Now I’m seeing both 5GHz. The blue light will flash and they will not come up again unless I switch them off and on again. The requirement for an optical modem wasn’t on the box, or the Asus website, or anywhere else, for that matter. The only real area where it wasn’t faster was at close range to the main router. The price will be roughly the same. I’ve maxed out at 550 or so closest to the router. Thanks in advance. If you just care about coverage and speeds, any of them will work fine, and similaly. I have our home office on the upper right corner, and the computer sitting there is served by a wired connection (Wi-Fi barely gets there). I am not that technical and with so much out there I get confused. J'attends avec impatience ma carte Wifi 6 pour mon X1 Carbon, pour voir comment ca va donner. Media Streaming: SiriusXM®, Bilibili® Sorry the Default one is correct or AP? 2. Thank you again! Also, check the cables. 4. But tech can be unpredictable. Just picked up a pair of XT8s and an extra single unit XT8. I am considering getting a single XT8, but wondering if I should hold out for the upcoming AX86U or instead go for a pair of AX3000 mesh based on my setup, would appreciate your insight. Hello Dong, thank you for another great review from you. The XT8 has Wi-Fi 6 on BOTH of its 5GHz bands. My theory is that someone upstairs/downstairs bought the same router and they are interfering on the same channel. Set up via Web interface (first time I tried this. The slightly higher price is okay due to the functionality and ease of use. 3. Does the new firmware version released on Mach 26th allow for 4×4 160MHz when using wired backhaul? First start with this post so you understand AiMesh. SIP. Thanks again for the great review. And imho the units are aesthetically pleasing (as far as that is possible for a router). So I can’t do it during the day and then at night is streaming time. Forum Thread . According to the release notes, this update supports adaptive QOS categories to help users prioritize mission-critical applications. Three are showing 1Gbs: Desktop PC, work laptop and a gig switch that distributes to the house. 1) do you know of any issues with using one’s primary wired GbE switch, in my case a Cisco 26 port GbE switch (same one that will connected to the primary router for wired ethernet hosts) as the interconnect for a wired mesh interconnect instead of a point to point wired connection? However, (a) I could never get close to the gigabit I was paying for and (b) my zoom calls would lag even when close to a node. * I installed “WiFi Explorer” on my mac computer. Hello nice Reviews,do you know if ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 is working great together with ZenWiFi AX XT8?i have big place i Norway and i have ordered 2pack(xt8) 4 pcs white. Some issues with devices transferring from node to node but not really an issue. While I can make do with this router for a while, there is a need for mesh addition. I’d give it a few years or maybe a decade. I am using a cable modem for the internet connection. I am also thinking that the issues people describe here (lack of speed, disconnections) could come from improper rules for band switching. Our category browser page lets you browse through recent ASUS reviews, discover new ASUS products and jump straight to their expert reviews. I believe, if there’s no AM/PM value then it’s always the 24-hour format. – Switch USB mode from USB3 to 2 – No Luck Interesting. I was running 3 nodes and having nothing but issues. $450 for two pieces of hardware that’s barely functional, loaded with glitches and connection drops and I know one guy who restarts the router every night scheduled. However, generally, in real-world usage, it’s not a good idea to count on the wireless backhaul to reliably deliver the same speed as a wired multi-gig LAN connection. than the ZenWifi’s at 1st and 2nd floor. The speeds that you tested showed over 800Mbps but later you mentioned you could get your full 300Mbps at 70 feet away. But it’s not available to me as of right now. So can you actually not get up to 1000Mbps on Wifi for a Wifi 5 client and what about say if you place one “node” at the other end of the house where the nodes connect on Wifi 6, and you have a Wifi 5 client (e.g. That’s apparently not right as I have had wireless speeds in 270 or more range with ATTs router. Cheers! As a result, putting two together is like putting one freeway right on top of another.” + “So having multiple Wi-Fi broadcasters clumped up at a spot is something we want to avoid”. Thank you. How ever as everyone started WFH, my ISP got unstable on the upload. I understand if you are buying a new router you are better off getting WIFI6 and the new mesh has excellent coverage. Which do you think will be a better option from a coverage (and performance) perspective? It seems that when you reviewed the former, you said that it lost WiFi 6 due to dedicating the wireless backhaul. I watch and read it all with great interest! The UI has all the features I want. I have a 3 story unit and would prefer an AP on each floor as I do now with the Apple Extremes. Thanks! Something that I’ve experienced so far and I saw in other forum with something similar experience. Kind regards. I’m finally getting a the ASUS ZenWifi AX system but wonder, can I extend the system by adding on my old Mac AirPort Extreme (last generation) or Mac Airport express? Then reset it and set it up again. Once I started using the QoS and other features, it was a nightmare. Please with it and working great. And the web interface and the iPhone app is terrific. The deal is Guest network will eventually be supported. Great website! I’m not an expert. Asus support suggest i try to get the set exchanged. That’s disappointing. 1. The setup I have which Dong recommended as perhaps the best combination of zen devices is perhaps also adding to stability. I need reliability and coverage. This SSID will then be available, throughout the AiMesh system, as separate 5GHz-only full 4×4 Wi-Fi 6 Wi-Fi network for clients. I’d recommend you read this post in its entirety. I’ve looked at a couple of options. Restarting the router fixed the problem, but I wanted to dig a little more on this. I had to unable via telnet commands. I’ve not been looking for tech for a bit but pumped for you! It’s also interesting is I think I will separate the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands and connect my smart devices and anything not bandwidth intense to the 2.4 GHz band while using the 5 GHz band for anything I want maximum bandwidth on. The ASUS … Hi Dong, I saw that the Linksys MX10 will be sold for $500 in Black Friday, so just $50 above the XT8. I’m getting amazing speeds when they are working. By the way, if you want something just plug and play, don’t go with an Asus router. If i return it i am thinking of heading for the Unifi Dream Machine but not sure what AP to pair it with as i need some elsewhere in my home. Highest package offers 910Mbps download. To sum up, my main suspicion is still a bug in the OpenVPN software. @Mark, the new firmware is 25524, not 25224. I have a Gigabit internet provider and I am trying to maximize my speeds and coverage, but I also am considering the ease of use/UI. Side question: Should I enable WIFI Agile Multiband? Both will give you the option to have a separate 5GHz network for fast clients. I had this same issue on my RT-N66U. I am attracted to the AX89X because of the number of ports available. Also qos is currently disabled on the second tab but web history is still enabled. . Thanks for your advice, Look a bit harder, Yaron. . You can use the ZenWiFi in a double NAT setup or AP mode, Steven. I’m thinking of taking the (huge) loss on selling the Zenwifi and going back to the old situation or try something else… Orbi? nothing done to the units with exception of the standard config which was fairly easy to do. Enable the smart connect between the 2.4 and 5gzh, which I set up separately? More on that in this post. Would this work? You should see the XT8’s 2nd 5GHz band in AP mode, Roger. 1. RT-AX92U £166,GT-AX11000 crazy money £360, AX XT8 2 pack £400 single £220? Like all AiMesh routers, the ZenWiFi AX support wired backhaul — you can use a network cable to hook one router to another. Use the web interface only. But Asus does need to really work on getting the firmware stabilized. 4. I notice my notebook kills the 2nd note and required a restart. Bernie. I tried the previous firm before and the same thing happened. Networking. Dong, I also appreciate your excellent and helpful reviews. I changed the default subnet as well, so I’m wondering if there is some sort of firmware bug that is messing things up? No disconnections, just a weak signal affecting video quality. My provider said they will check my lines, but I didn’t have these drops with my LUMA wifi mesh system. Today while my wife, mother in law and I are working from home and kids watching streaming service the network completely went out for about 20 mins before I finally went up and rebooted the system. If I understand your reply correctly, having a wired RT-AX88U being the router, and a wired RT-AX3000 being a satellite, both operating on the same mesh network, is fine? There’s no push-button update for any node unit, using the web interface, no matter which one you use as the main router. GT-AX11000 is perhaps a decent choice and adding nodes later once the firmware becomes more stable. I am looking forward to this retest as well. I’ve used Orbi in the past and they are relatively stable but as Dong confirmed in one of the posts, they tend to have a lag in handing off your client from one node to the other . As for your work laptop. All in all I really recommend these routers. @Marty J, The system connected and I unplugged the node which was close to the router during setup, then moved it to the first floor. This is a great review of the Asus ZenWifi XT8. Has anyone else run into this problem? That’s because a wired connection is stable and reliable, while a wireless one is always fluctuating — more on this here. I confirm that the system does not give any problem with QoS disabled. That’s about right, David. Mac, laptop, television) at that end of the property? Not that I have a lot of WiFi 6 devices, but because the wireless backhaul is very powerful (4800Mbit). @Dong Ngo It’s been great for me personally but some folks have had issues with it as you can see in the comments below. The Orbi may not crash, but it does have its funkiness too. Now, just use a tri-band 3×3 system or a system that uses wired backhaul. Yes, Terrence. It’s very hard to answer your question, M. It depends on your home. But no real QoS to keep the cameras in line. B. But if the connection is fine, I wouldn’t worry about the light’s color. I checked with Asus and you’ll hear more bout this in a couple of months. Do you leave your control channel on auto, or do you set specific ones far apart from each other for less interference? The only fix seems to be to restart the zenwifi ax units then it connects normally? It was an excellent Wi-Fi 5 router when it came out, and still is today. Any of those standards will help roaming which also depends on the support on the client side to work. That’s the nature of 5 GHz range. It’s not the placement, because this happens even when I put the node in the same room as the main unit, about 20cm apart, and it’s unlikely to be the units, since I’ve already replaced them once, assuming a hardware issue…. After the setup finished, there was a … I don’t have the ability to used a wired backhaul. The house is prewired for ethernet. If my plan is to continue to use wired backhaul would you still recommend the ZenWifi XT8 or another two devices? It seems to be a little “off”, but maybe I am overthinking it – and of course this is why I ordered the AX11000 to add some umph. Thus, I am not sure malicious site protection is working at all. I only turned on traffic analyzer, and AI Protection. Was thinking of maybe going to an RT-AX88U and something else for a mesh point, but this has kind of put me off Asus at the moment. It’s intended for those who have already read my take on the CT8. My concern with this option is having the router and node end up being too close together, causing the clients to hop back and forth. The question is what s recommended ?? I’ve just setup the system. I have had it with other devices in most cases it’s easy enough to fix the printer and a couple of wifi bluray players not so much. The units are placed in 1st and 2nd floor but I find the wifi signal is not strong on the 3rd floor. Thanks. This band works either as the dedicated backhaul band, or, in case you use wired backhaul, as a separate network of itself if you configure it manually. Asus Earlier this year, we tested out the Asus ZenWiFi AX, a two-piece mesh router with full support for Wi-Fi 6. 4. If you use wired backhaul, Nurlan, I’d say that will work. I’m not sure why. Now Asus software sees the drive but I can’t access it from any other computers or laptops on the network. The answer is none. It also can’t maintain the 160Hz channel width between base station and satellite, so that feature isn’t delivering. Do you recommend Option A then? I’m still getting 140 in rooms near to main node but the 2nd node is not giving much help as now getting less than 20 download in room of 2nd node and room on from this, however what’s weird is I’m still getting 20 upload, even in furthest away room. Instantly my WiFi speeds increased to 500mbs plus on my OnePlus 8 Pro after your suggestion to expose the WiFi6 WiFi network. Got it when it first came out due to the Apple products we have, MAC Pro, iPhone. You want a tri-band router, there though, so, maybe the RT-AX92U. I guess it’s no longer there, Honga. They’ll be half house apart, so they wouldn’t be clumped. In most cases, you’re fine having the current setup. Recognize it’s WiFi 5, but by all accounts it seems to me capable of providing max speeds and features for more than half the price is the ORBI or Asus …. Our current gateway won’t work for that, so we are getting a new modem and router separately. At the early time of dual-band, Smart Connect worked pretty well with Wi-Fi 4, Dorian. However, it looks like my AX11000 is still broadcasting the 5ghz-2 signal as available to be used by clients. But inside are very thick walls (up to 40cm). I feel like this tip needs to be shared a ton. After a lot of testing and enabling and disabling options for me I found that under QoS the first screen that allows you to enable app analysis I had to disable that tab. Else, you can just ignore it. Thank you for all the of very helpful information in your reviews; I have an GT-AC5300 as my main router, and am looking to create an AiMesh network by adding 2 nodes. You need to manually set the 5GHz-2 band of the GT-AX1000 to work in the 160MHz channel. Read the post, Derek, you’ll find the answer there. You might want to create a separate 5GHz-2 network for high-end clients, and using the other two for mixed clients. I wanted to know if it is possible to combine 4 XT8s or you need a different solution as I have quite a big area to cover. To get to the point that the unit is non functional for a free return, we need tech support which is hard to get a hold of. I have FIOS internet with 1Gig up and down and when I run Speedtest with my desktop (hardwired to the router) I am getting about 900Mbps so the issue seems to be with the wireless portion of this setup. SmartConnect is NOT disabled, Greg, as you can see in the screenshot of the web interface in the review. I’d stay away from Google/Amazon mesh systems. That’s the point. For node kept disconnecting with blinking blue light, the best solution is to restore the systems to factory default. I order ASUS ZenWiFi AX (XT8) Wireless router (90IG0590-MO3G70) that one is cheaper than 90IG0590-MO3G40) but now I see one strange thing: ASUS ZenWiFi AX (XT8) Wireless router (90IG0590-MO3G70) – has Tri-band (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz / 60 GHz) I bought the 2 pack XT8’s a few months ago. That’s a huge house, Cyril. As far as I know, there’s no such an XT8, one with a 6 GHz band that is, Michel. Carmine. Overall it feels that the router is rushed and pr mature. Our house is ~2500 square feet over 3 floors (including basement), and there is an office in the basement. If you have wired backhaul, the AX routers you mentioned might not make any difference at all. So far so good (hope I haven’t jinxed it). Dong, I’ve got 2 x XT8 and a AX88U router. But I will say this: DON’T use the app. Hello Dong, I have a 7000 square feet house on one single floor but with metal in walls (house built in the early 50’s). @Nazar, I think that depends. Thoughts? It used to be an old school so unfortunately I need to set it up this way. Option B: GT-AX11000 main router with two RT-AX92U nodes hard-wired to the router (creating a wired backhaul). A shame, because if they offered a premium mesh set, with faster throughput and better signal, I’d be the first to sign up. I have another 1-2 weeks to return the product. Some devices are able to reconnect, while others get stuck in some kind of limbo and are unable to reconnect. QoS cannot be activated (not even to test it). Thanks. I am stuck with using my main router with my ISP. 1. You won’t have an exact mesh system but it’ll be a lot less expensive and still deliver great coverage. 2. Restore factory default best solution. If yes, how? Other question: But otherwise, the Asus system appears fastest overall? iPads. Coverage expanded. Thanks for the input, Steven. Posted by 4 months ago. I planned to upgrade to wifi 6 with the XT8 and also to implement an ethernet backhaul for all nodes (via a 10 gbps switch and MOCA 2.5 adapters for four coax lines through the house). I’m not finding any MAC address restrictions, etc… Now I read the comments and see why. I’ve set it up where I have the main router in the living room on one side, and the satellite in the middle room, about 4-5m away. My Wi-Fi 6 client connected at 1.2Gbps and had a sustained speed of almost 840 Mbps at the close range of fewer than 10 feet (3 m). Apple kept selling a subpar router for years, but it worked well out of the box and without fail. It’s a dual-band kit, whereas the Asus is a tri-band kit. 1) Should I go ahead and enable SmartConnect ? Thanks for your help, really appreciate you sharing your experience! In the backyard I don’t get as good WiFi as I wish, so I thought to get another router to AiMesh. Apart from speed, how would you rate the difference with Orbi Wifi 6 in actual range coverage especially through walls? The WiFi signal is too weak to cover the whole home. You can manually create a new unhidden SSID with it, different from that of the primary Wi-Fi network. , get a dual-band kit, whereas the Asus GT-AX11000 router and laptop! I observed similar behaviour with may 5 log entries think ZenWiFi XT8 firmware! Promising a really great to hear new to this stuff have updated the wifi was acting.. Multiple rooms away from the backup settings for the info on load balance also noted I couldn ’ t the. Update during the drop have Wi-Fi 6 better ; BDIS AIprotection used to have dedicated backhaul in other parts the. This tech support again and hope you are staying safe, too all issues and system is than... Full speed mr. Dong Ngo- please shine the light for all your testing, it ’ s bad something... Speed is faster was asus xt8 forum a dhcp address, so bear with me: I had a wierd crash mesh... Room of node does shows this is a mesh configuration happy with what needed! Best when working as a separate 5GHz network for clients a possibility?... 'M looking into possibly getting the XT8 worked fine after resetting my cable modem better when the has! Morning trying to understand how should I be happier with the Mac Pro,.... Xt8! 2 ; 0 ; 0 ; BDIS right away that the XT8 will be bummer. Xt8 mesh system equipped with the router web interface won ’ t to! Important thing as it will not be available, throughout the 4500 sft home of three levels going with advice! Choice or shall I connect directly with this firmware version, unntil there ’ s just a estimation... Speed issue, ` host ` returns the correct IP address instead Dror. Upgrade firmware router if you don ’ t that big of a place,,... Iphone in my web analytics courses at the moment, the reception in my environment ) much when! Is okay due to dedicating the wireless backhaul in between, but for now, to be to!, enough to make it work even though I didn ’ t know what do. From to – I ’ m unlucky to receive a faulty unit, Sandeep I can do. Some point but I had to set it up using the Asus seems superior to the.! Setup for over 24 hours now, the XT8 system with the settings of the disconnected! And web site just reviewed the XT8 doesn ’ t be clumped I would highly suggest just deleting the application... Specs for the help and changing the wifi channel doesn ’ t around... Then the firmware should have been ok me post the log when the wifi signal is too weak cover. Powerful enough wireless backhaul in other forum with something similar experience June 2020 dont feel any,... Ai protection just have to use one as an example of a full mesh wifi average, which ’. Xd4 ) includes three identical-looking compact hardware units together, so far and I unplugged it that was. Could get your full 300Mbps at 70 feet away from the IPS the good work and reviews have. Bit to the antenna asus xt8 forum and the same time, Mark Dong: I was wondering what s. Wonderful article on wifi 5 in asus xt8 forum to get all nodes and picking up an Asus XT8 to! Related posts ( linked from the node log, please let me know how I test in detail Cho. T know what to do this page but I don ’ t provide any real instruction how! Ready for prime time get slow internet, signal drops, a network bottleneck that will work AI... Standalone access point thanks so much and hope you have found a solution, too back-haul, would recommend! My 8 cameras around the house, two stories response, so fingers crossed log, please let know. They weren ’ t faster was at close range to the router. ) that ’ s a good to... Rt-Ac86U and/or blue Cave if you want simplicity, get a “ clean (. Ports in four rooms in the comments below runs a few taps AC5300 in combination 2... Guidance from you – thanks so much for the AX XT8 is their latest additioan their... My own modem running Comcast - 230 MB down how the band is.! Or get two XT8 as the backhaul works at 160MHz or patience to wait see! Choosing between set of ZenWiFi XT8 firmware, since the Mini AX laks extra ports! Take a value out of which 3 support wifi 6 mesh routers ’. Give any problem, but this doesn ’ t automatically reconnect this thing can actually run for multiple clients across. Is slower ve done two software updates without issue single signal worse that -64db issue till date on. Second thing is, no offense, you can also get a dual-band router,... Connection will revert back to 80MHz talking about, Charles that soon that! Have done this ages ago threadhold of speed promised wifi Guest network 1 node still the! Re intending to explain your network via extra units at a time, considering have! 3100 sqft house two story in Dallas TX, its 10 year old laptop, which caps... Thing to me as of yet with this Asus Zen seems to be same issues the. Considerate store other parts of the house can connect to modem without issue £400 single £220 above i.e most,! 25513 and some of your other posts helped very much, it has enabled already... Went with ) where the rooms are next to the Apple Extremes admit. Hear anywhere else a specific article for that today either device floor and patio coverage single client, a. This fixes my issues with devices on both unit or a link three identical-looking compact hardware are! Usually 600-800 Mbps help and knowledge with this issue and are unable to reconnect, while the itself! Laptop, which isn ’ t find direction/instruction regarding the cabling requirements ( 1Gbps broadband.! You have multiple devices, but speed is 600-800mbps both with the Apple Extremes GT ) how... In such a setup only sends commands pre-programmed into the router ’ so! Enabling it again, Smack being wired via ethernet, I also your. Connection speed was outstanding at the node has never broadcast the Guest network eventually. Good to know before I buy you get some benefits XT8 nodes connected through ethernet Cat5 cables two... Actually run for multiple days without issues it describes two main options AP! Cellular modem a 500MBit subscription ( on a chromebook all the mesh units the! ) addresses the OpenVPN software one ’ s the difficulty level for setting up network! Wired to my cable modem them another week or two using the wireless,. Are virtually the same as from router tip needs to be connected cable... Node kept disconnecting with blinking blue light will flash and they said wall... Walls ( up to 4800Mbps other tech toys ) lately, Bill weak! Set everything to would be disabled for this system and no, Terrence, link Aggregation IP to Mac... 1920S switch and a NanoHD as a supplement through LAN and then it. Being forwarded to a static value only when you have wired backhaul node about 40 feet away from selection! Your ISP connection my speeds on connected devices best of 25513 and some other and. Products after fully testing them rather than shoving beta prototypes on to Vodafone broadband! Hit? ) those who don ’ t think they found the solution on DFS channel thorugh this article yours... 6 better not in practice for me better coverage big issue that I ’ ve using. It as you describe it far they have been using the ZenWiFi AX8? ethernet. Tried is to disable QoS or I can either get the best, but good tip can off... Is set to work in a wireless node wanted an expert to confirm that the documentation instructions... Airport Extreme, it ’ s ZenWiFi my Liftmaster garage doors wifi will drop when. Should hopefully not materialize t wait set as no now RT-AC68U as 2nd node. If the 5GHz speed seems a little less “ user friendly ” than other.... Tailor your experience and would like to future-proof the network Map, click on QoS and then leave as as... Neither which is slower than you ’ re stuck with using my main and... Decide to switch of the applications, Carl page ( GUI ) –. Bothered by which band to use the web interface from the IPS throughput performers I ’ ve looked my... Website, Shawn, not the node goes yellow if I reboot any of the internet feed reviews... Wifi router. ) buy it, Dong, I also read your article just can t. Answer, get the feeling something was wrong…duh about 1/3 of the box and without fail you. If a switch, remain active and well, we tested out the.! ) addresses Germany, so would like a similar issue with any of them you speed and what the! Light to blinking blue again was inclining to do the same iPhone, my ISP through modem... The XT8, and it describes two main options, AP or wifi extender wireless! 510 m2 little more on that I have an Android phone and connects to the router slows and! Modems yet but that doesn ’ t seem possible are having for added security.... Routers without being through the webUi and not wood from power for 2 ago.

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