Coop Setup. The breed was refined and polished over the years and was introduced as a Sussex or Kentish fowl in the first poultry show in London in 1845. Speckled Sussexs have a long and notable history not only in their homeland of England, but all over the world. Feeding. Welsummer - available spring 2021. jersey giant - available spring 2021 . Reading Time: 2 minutes Breed: Sussex chicken. Not only will you be able to save money by giving your Speckled Sussex chickens room to roam, but they’ll also be healthier as they’ll get plenty of exercise, too. Many people breed their Speckled Sussex chickens. BUFF SUSSEX. As previously mentioned the Sussex is quite a large bird. They are a beautiful coloration of the Sussex chicken who are known for their egg laying abilities. They are adaptable and predictable when it comes to their laying patterns. The Speckled Sussex I've seen are strong and vigorous - definitely not special needs in any way. Chickens And More is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and any other affiliated sites. You should avoid overfeeding your Speckled Sussex chickens, but at the same time, providing plenty of food (especially healthy vegetable scraps) in the week before butchering can help lead to a fine-looking carcass. Initially bred to be a market chicken, for sale at the market, the Sussex chicken breed was known for fine table meat with its tender juicy flesh, white skin, feet, and legs. Each foot has four toes. In the United States, the American poultry Association accepts the speckled, red, and light colors of the breed. Though considered a medium-sized breed in the heavy breeds class, the Speckled Sussex is nonetheless a respectable bird for the dinner table. Lots of shade is also ideal. These days she is enjoying new found popularity in backyards all over the world! Flesh and Skin white. This is a large breed that has wide shoulders and a curvy but rectangular shaped body. Bantams to be approximately one third of the size of the large fowl. The silver is similar to the light, but has … My speckled sussex is still a chick. Although Kent was mentioned, the birds’ beginnings were actually in Sussex.The original birds are thought to have been in England at the time of the Roman invasion of 43 A.D. Of course, at that time they looked nothing like the chicken of today.It is thought th… A Sussex chicken looks lovely no matter what outfit the occasion calls for. Each year, your flock of SPeckled Sussex hens will have more and more spots for you to behold. If you choose to keep your chickens in a run, aim for 12 square feet per bird. Ideally, you should raise your Speckled Sussex flock at a ratio of ten females to every one male. What Are the Best Animals to Keep With Chickens. Overall they make the perfect backyard hen because they are kid and people friendly, relatively quiet and are very effective at foraging. You will notice they have a single 5 pointed comb – in addition they have wattles and ear lobes. Each one of your Speckled Sussexs will need at least 4 square feet of coop space. Production: The Speckled Sussex is usually thought of as a good layer, laying an admirable number of brown eggs - about 200 per year. A single comb is the most common one seen on a chicken. Plus, Speckled Sussex chickens can be raised as dual-purpose birds, which is a major draw for people who want to get a bit more for their time and money. … Sussex Chicken Owner Quotes: “Speckled Sussex chickens are friendly, hardy birds that do well in all seasons. Roost Height: 2 to 4 feet Country of Origin: England APA: Yes, Recognized by American Standard of Perfection in 1914 ALBC: Recovering status, Considered a sustainable heritage chicken breed. Although the Speckled Sussex breed almost died out completely in the early 20th century, a recent revival has made this chicken breed one of the most popular in modern American backyards. “When the site plan goes to DelDOT, I hope they take that into consideration,” he said, adding the entrance should be at least 24 feet wide to accommodate large vehicles, which is a condition placed on the application by Sussex County Planning and Zoning Commission. You won’t have to do much extra when it comes to raising the Speckled Sussex chicken. Compare your chick's legs with the picture you are viewing. They also have a flat back and a broad, deep chest. Although it is no longer the bird of choice for most commercial poultry farms, it still has decent meat production, especially if it is raised in the right way. The speckled is the oldest color variation of the Sussex chicken. In the United States, the SPeckled Sussex chicken is one of the most popular chicken breeds you can raise. Apr 4, 2018 - One of our most popular breeds, Sussex are hardy, docile birds, and we love the feather patterning on the Speckled variety. Straight dozens of a single breed are available. Size and Color. Today however they are enjoying a resurgence in popularity as backyard chicken keepers discover the benefits of keeping this lovely heritage hen. Great Brown Egg Layer / Black & White Feathering / Very Friendly Breed. The Speckled Sussex has been around for quite some time, and not because of a stroke of luck. Making sure to have enough space inside will help reduce this behavior. When the sunlight hits these feathers they have a beautiful iridescence too. I haven't included a photo of Athol since he is leaving us soon due to his crooked feet and being too unsteady as he walks. In a move to clarify language in its height ordinance, Sussex County Council voted 4-0 to remove a section that allowed for public or semi-public buildings to be constructed up to 60 feet tall, well beyond the established 42-foot limit in most zoning districts. When you choose to raise a dual-purpose chicken breed, you often have to make sacrifices in that egg production won’t be as good as it would be if you were strictly raising an egg-laying chicken. When she starts to molt you need to increase the protein content of their feed to 20%. They have full bodies which makes them a good dual purpose breed and the large size helps to keep them warm in winter. The Speckled Sussex I've seen are strong and vigorous - definitely not special needs in any way. If you are looking for a chicken breed that is pretty as well as practical, you might want to consider raising the Speckled Sussex chicken. They are a reliable egg layer that will keep you well supplied with eggs and if you wish to raise your own chicks the girls are good broodies and mothers. They love to forage so their feed bill is not too expensive. This breed is fairly quiet so they are well suited to urban backyards. She is well suited to a family setting as they are usually great with kids – the only exception here is the roosters who can have aggressive streaks. Not only is this bird nice to look at, but it also has the potential to be a productive member of your flock, averaging a respectable 250 eggs per year. This will help them feather up quickly without depleting their protein store. From the vintage Speckled Sussex to Silver. This setup is perfect for areas where space is at a premium but you still want to give your hens a secure area to move around. Chickens vs Guinea Hens: How to Choose Which to Raise, Introducing New Chickens to Your Flock (How-To Guide). If, however, you have a few roosters mixed into the flock – or if you want to raise your Speckled Sussex chickens as meat birds, too – you will want to introduce a broiler feed. They’re good layers and are known to lay right through the winter. They are interesting because no two are exactly alike and their speckling gets more decorative with each chicken molting season.” — Pam Freeman at They can tolerate a wide variety of climates from snow to heat as long as they have suitable accommodations. Chicken Breed Information - Sussex - The Sussex have everything: they are great layers of tinted or light brown eggs--and they lay right through the coldest weather. The Speckled Sussex also has white skin, feet, and legs. These chickens are not fussy eaters, and they gain weight easily. Free range chickens will not need added grit except for the winter months when the ground is frozen. She is a quiet, steady and docile hen that is not prone to flightiness or nervousness. Please seek advice from a certified veterinarian in a case of emergency. 4 pullet minimum order size; Vaccinated for Marek’s; Ages: start at 4 weeks old We ship started pullets throughout the continental United States (49 states); Optional local pickup at our Waco, Texas farm with $20 per-order handling fee. The biggest has to do with the fact that these birds tend to hang out at the bottom of the pecking order. Roost Height: 2 to 4 feet Country of Origin: England APA: Yes, Recognized by American Standard of Perfection in 1914 ALBC: Recovering status, Considered a sustainable heritage chicken breed. Speckled sussex can be difficult, but it's a fair bet that red or pink comb at that age equals rooster. Whilst the Sussex comes in several color variations the Speckled Sussex is a beautiful rich mahogany color. Do not feed roosters layer feed, as the excess calcium can kill them. Average Chicken Lifespan by Breed, Can Chickens Swim? Today, the Speckled Sussex is still prized for its dual-purpose nature and its friendly demeanor. The chicken has a single comb and a horn-colored beak along with short, muscular legs. These chickens have feathers that are a dark mahogany, with each feather tipped in white and separated out by a black and iridescent green bar. Triple Spring Acres - Rare and Fancy Chickens - 60 acre hobby farm in Wisconsin that raises several breeds of chickens, peacocks, turkeys, ducks, guineas, and button quail. These birds may have been traded by the Phoenicians who were known to have traded all along the south coast of England as far as Cornwall. Each foot has four toes. The first one so far looks like a pullet. As a white-skinned chicken breed, the Speckled Sussex produces tender meat that conforms nicely to the idea of “chicken meat” that you probably have in your head, too. The Sussex is a very gentle and colorful bird. Speckled Sussex chickens are known for being chatty, too! It’s ready for the dinner table in a little more than 20 weeks. Therefore, it’s very easy to find it at hatcheries or local farm stores. This is part of what makes it such a great chicken for the dinner table. This is because they are so calm and docile and won’t go out of their way to make a fuss with the others. We publish weekly guides and articles written by experienced chicken enthusiasts! Some of the most common combs include the buttercup, cushion, rose and the classic single comb. The bird is also great with children and serves as a fantastic lap chicken if you are in the market for a pet. Speckled Sussex chickens have broad, flat backs and chests along white feet, legs, and skin. The Sussex breed originated in Sussex County, England to be used for table poultry. The Romans eventually taught the local English population to farm and eat chickens. It is not, however, the best chicken breed when it comes to withstanding the heat. The Speckled Sussex was first exhibited in 1845, at the time of the very first poultry show. This was the beginnings of the ‘Sussex breed’. “Give us a honk as you drive by,” Tam Carpenter said. Your email address will not be published. The display features 4,000 feet of lights and can be seen from Carpenter Road in Milton. Other than broodiness the Sussex is a dependable layer and will only stop laying during the molt. It really isn’t a Sussex chicken if it has: Yellow skin, shanks, or feet. These will turn into really cool looking chickens that are brown with white specks all over them (hence the name). No folk can exactly pinpoint the exact period the Speckled Sussex chicken made it first appearance. They will like nothing more than to have a chat with you while being held and petted. Plus, Speckled Sussex chickens have unique feathering that allows them to camouflage themselves if and when predators happen to appear. See more ideas about Sussex chicken, Chickens, Chickens backyard. Once the chickens start to get older, their adult markings will begin to appear. Their tails sit at 45-degree angles and their legs remain bare instead of growing feathers. See more ideas about sussex chicken, chicken breeds, chickens backyard. Also known as Kentish fowl, these birds were part of the early chicken craze in Great Britain, where a large percentage of the population expressed an interest in raising chickens. If you are raising them with more assertive breeds then they will need even more (6 square feet) space since they can be picked on by some of the more aggressive birds. Hens have a steady and dependable temperament and are not prone towards panicky or flighty behaviors. However, they could be quite difficult to find. Good quality and nutritious feeding is the most important part of Speckled Sussex chicken farming business. No one can be entirely sure when the speckled Sussex chicken first appeared. Chickens and More © 2020 - All Rights Reserved. Their speckled coloring makes them blend in … Legs and Feet white. Cock 9 lbs (4kg) Hen 7 lbs (3.2kg) Cockerel 7 1/2 lbs (3.4kg) Pullet 6 lbs (2.8kg) Note that there is no upper weight for a large Sussex. In England, they used to be THE standard table bird, before the modern Cornish Crosses came along. She can lay 4-5 light brown eggs each week. Example: Speckled Sussex can look similar to Welsummer, however Speckled Sussex have a distinct eye line that curves up while Welsummer chicks have an eye line that goes straight back or slightly downward. From the vintage Speckled Sussex to Silver. VARIETIES. I ve had this with other Speckled Sussex.. but this one is the worse Ive seen. Breed information including egg color, history facts, and temperament of the speckled Sussex chicken. The Sussex Chicken is an old and much loved chicken breed from England. Laying hens can be given a generic 16% layer feed. The buff has the same markings, but with greenish-black on a golden-buff ground. You may want to avoid feeding free-choice and instead, ration out their food. You will often find the Speckled Sussex outside foraging. As factory hens were introduced the speckled Sussex fell from favor as it was not able to keep up with the egg production and growth of the newer birds and thus began a slow but steady decline. 07/12/2020. Make sure they each have 8 square feet of run space. Don’t move on without taking a look at this first-rate breed. Sussex chickens reached America about 1912 and was recognized by the American Poultry Association in three varieties: Speckled (1914), Red (1914), and Light (1929). There are writings from the Roman invasion of Britain (A.D.43) that indicate that a similar chicken was to be found in England.Whether this was the ancestor of the speckled Sussex is not known for certain, but it seems entirely plausible that it was; this is indeed an ancient fowl with history. In general, the Speckled Sussex weighs about nine pounds for roosters and seven pounds for hens. This variety of the Sussex breed makes for a good backyard chicken and dual purpose for meat or egg production. As the Speckled Sussex belongs to the Sussex family they will be good layers. The Sussex can be described as a heavy, soft feathered breed with close fitting feathers. Speckled Sussex chickens are curious, mild-mannered, and will probably follow you all over. From Light (white feathers with black hackles and tail) to Buff to Red to Brown.

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