Battery life was also really impressive. I can’t say enough good things about the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and if you want a phone that feels very much like a flagship without spending over £699 then this is the best that’s currently on offer. $699 for a 120Hz, Snapdragon 865 phone sounds like a great deal. Samsung has kept a high-quality 120Hz panel for the S20 FE, giving you super-smooth scrolling. The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (Fan Edition) is available now for £599 (4G, Exynos 990) and £699 for the 5G Snapdragon model. The Samsung  Galaxy S20 FE 5G is currently discounted in a Black Friday sale (use code TRUSTED10). Android is a trademark of Google Inc. | © Illogical Robot LLC, 2009-2020, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE review: This could be the best phone of 2020, 12MP f/1.8 primary, 12MP f/2.2 ultra wide, 8MP f/2.4 3x telephoto, IP68 water resistance, wireless charging, reverse wireless charging. Max Parker is the Deputy Editor for Trusted Reviews and Recombu. Low light performance is fine and you can get good shots without great light either in the default mode or the more specific Night option. What more could you ask for, Using the S20 FE has me asking the same question again: Who needs a flagship anymore? The Pixel 4a still pips it for dynamic range, natural bokeh and, importantly, night mode. Out-of-the-box the S20 comes with Android 10 and the latest version of One UI. One of the less intrusive display cutouts I've ever seen. That said, it's a very capable Samsung shooter. To keep up with the premium appearance, Samsung adopted what they call Haze finish on the S20 FE’s material, which gives the plastic device some sort of frosted glass look. When the light is just right, Samsung's tendencies to heighten saturation and sharpening make for really lively, dramatic photos (e.g., the fire hose hookup in the first photo below). This is the best I could do, after a lot of trial and error: What the zoom lens is surprisingly good for, though, is macro photography. Really, the most telling sign that this isn't a true flagship device is the plastic panel on the phone's back. You want a good phone and your budget is about $700 (or $600, if you catch it while it's still on sale). Galaxy S20 FE: Samsung's Fan Edition is the midrange phone to beat. Flipping between focal lengths is easy and the S20 FE takes good snaps at both ultra wide and 3x zoom. The biggest surprise is that this is a fantastic phone, arguably easier to recommend than any other Samsung mobile this year. This is how we make money. The ‘FE’ moniker here stands for ‘Fan Edition’ and it’s very much a cheaper, mid-year update for the brand’s flagship Galaxy S20 – with a bit of the Note 20’s DNA thrown in for good measure. There are also plenty of pre-installed apps you might not care to use, from Samsung's redundant suite of utilities to Microsoft apps like Office and OneDrive to Facebook and Netflix. For me, it feels like the perfect size and I really appreciate the flat display which is far superior for gaming than a curved panel. Like any Samsung phone, you shouldn't pick the S20 FE up expecting the best mobile photography experience. You won't want to listen to music on them, but they're absolutely adequate for speakerphone or a YouTube video. The Snapdragon 865 performs better in benchmark tests than the Exynos variation, but the real wins come with the improved battery life – something you can read more on below. Samsung’s year of phone releases doesn’t seem to be slowing down, with the South Korean brand finally unveiling the much leaked Galaxy S20 FE. My daily drive is the $1999 Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, so I tend to measure everything by it, rather than by money! For me, no. The Galaxy S20 FE looks a lot more like the Note 20 than the S20 Like the cheaper version of the Galaxy Note 20, the S20 FE has a ‘glasstic’ (aka plastic) back with a frosted matte finish. Then color me confused with the naming scheme for Samsung's newest phone, the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition. Many have complained about the decreased performance and battery skills of the Exynos version vs the Qualcomm so it’s great to see Samsung deciding to give a wider launch to the arguably superior model. Just enter your email below. On the back of the S20 FE you’ll find three cameras: the same main 12MP dual pixel sensor from the S20, which has an f/1.8 aperture and OIS, along with a 12MP ultra wide and 8MP 3x tele camera with OIS. Having the most premium device available isn't important to you. Samsung's image processing is an acquired taste, though, and even existing Pixel phones take better photos than the S20 FE, to say nothing of the soon-to-be-released Pixel 5, also priced at $699. Beneath that display is an optical (not ultrasonic) fingerprint sensor that's just this side of okay: it recognizes my prints often enough, but it's a half a beat slower than the best scanners I've used, like the ones in recent OnePlus phones. The side rails are color-coordinated aluminum. It's got three rear cameras: standard, ultra-wide, and 3x telephoto (something the standard S20 lacks), and in the right conditions, they can all get some great shots. Our rating system takes money into account and removes any bias. Samsung Brings Down Price With Galaxy S20 'Fan Edition' The 'fan edition' is what you'd normally think of as an S20 Lite, and it's designed to compete on price with the base iPhone 11 or iPhone 12. The main 12MP sensor takes some really great snaps, which shouldn’t come as a surprise as it’s a camera we’ve seen multiple times before and been impressed with on each occasion. These images are primed for social media and I can completely understand why they’re so popular. The FE ships with Android 10. So today I have got the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (Fan Edition) with me in for review, which was launched like a month ago. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition 5G Ultra Wideband is $749, a $50 premium over the regular Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition 5G. Subscribe to Android Police's weekly newsletter, with the biggest stories, latest deals, and insight on the week's news. The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G is a fan edition that responds to feedback from Samsung customers. At 6.5-inches, the FE sits between the smaller S20 and the larger S20 Plus. Samsung even goes so far as to advertise what it calls 30x Space Zoom — which is awfully rosy given the sensor under the 3x telephoto lens is only eight megapixels. This pricing puts it directly in competition with the OnePlus 8 (and likely OnePlus 8T), Moto Edge and LG Velvet. On normal days, I saw six to seven hours. Samsung spins the new Galaxy S20 FE, or “Fan Edition”, as a model that offers all the features that fans care most about in a more affordable package. Samsung’s interface has improved immeasurably over the past few years and while it’s very much different from Google’s own vision of Android, I still like how it looks and works. It's okay, but the FE's optical in-display scanner is far from top-of-the-line. Samsung's top-end phones are getting more and more expensive at an alarming rate, as evidenced by the fact that very few people bought an S20 during the series's launch window. If you dropped the refresh rate to 60Hz and were careful with your use, I wouldn't be at all surprised if you could wring eight hours out of the FE's 4,500 mAh cell. Liked: Huge range of colors 6.5-inch OLED 120Hz Disliked: 'Glasstic' feels cheap You’ll notice a bright light around your finger when you press in and it can be a little annoying if you’re unlocking late at night in a dark room. Six gigs of RAM might not cut it for you. There’s also a 32MP camera around the front. The S20 FE's stereo speakers don't sound bad. This is still a really nice panel, with enough brightness to combat a harshly sunny day. It’s also a similar price to the iPhone 11, which will likely be replaced by an iPhone 12 very soon. You can charge the FE wired at up to 25 watts (although the bundled charger is only 15), or wirelessly at up to 15 watts. But this is all par for the S20 course, and some of Samsung's flourishes, like the Edge panels that let you tuck apps away along the right edge of the screen for quick access, are genuinely handy. If the original Samsung Galaxy S20 (and S20 Ultra) were excellent, albeit pricey phones, the company has really hit a nice balance of performance, features, and price with the Fan Edition. There are slim bezels on all sides of the display — although they're not quite as slim as they are on other S20 phones, and the bottom one is a bit bigger than the other three — and a very small hole punch centered at the top to house a 32-megapixel selfie camera. Still, I have no reservations recommending the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition to almost anyone who doesn't care about having the absolute highest possible trim. Eight would have been nice to see. Are the pictures better than the Pixel 4a? It costs $700 (currently $600 on sale), and it packs a ton of features we're used to seeing in flagships with very few compromises. I don't love Samsung's image processing on the whole, and the S20 FE was not spared from the company's proclivity for wild colors and wonky HDR. From the top of the line hardware to flagship features like the IP rating and wireless charging, the S20 FE has it all — although there are definitely some compromises to keep the price in check. This is almost certainly down … Similarly okay are the phone's stereo speakers (one in the earpiece, one downward-firing). On the other hand, the mobile is IP68-certified and thus both dust and waterproof. It has a 240Hz sampling rate too, for very responsive gaming. Samsung's processing is hit or miss. Still, it’s fast and responsive and there’s face unlock if you’d prefer. The same photo taken from 1) the standard, 2) telephoto, and 3) wide lenses on a gloomy fall day. Galaxy S20 FE (left) next to the Galaxy S20+ Perhaps the one most notable difference in the build quality of the Fan Edition compared to the other S20s is the material used for the back. You can get some great shots out of the FE, but there's still the typical Samsung goofiness. What’s more important to me is that the phone remains IP68 rated for water resistance and still packs Qi wireless charging. $699 isn’t a price tag you would associate with flagships in this day and age, but that’s exactly the kind of trend Samsung is looking to challenge with the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition (FE). The 4G version won’t be coming to the States. Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition 5G reviews, pros and cons, Amazon price history. Here, we've gathered up some of the best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition (FE). Using the zoom lens for macro photography is a lot of fun. The S20 FE performed extremely well during my time with it. You want consistently great photos. Praise be to the mighty Samsung, for it has heard our pleas of “good freakin’ grief, phones are getting too expensive.” In its infinite wisdom, it hath remade the Galaxy S20, flagship from earlier in 2020, with slightly cheaper materials and components. I find Samsung’s Night mode a little behind some of the rivals, tending to over-brighten and blow out highlights. This might just be the best phone of the year. Seeing the gap to fill between bargain-bin budget phones and outright luxury devices, this week, Samsung launched the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition. The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE has a 4500mAh battery, matching the Galaxy S20 Plus and outperforming all the other S20 models in my tests. It’s slightly different to the sensors Samsung usually uses, as it’s optical as opposed to ultrasonic and as a result needs light to function. Battery life. The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE has a 4500mAh battery, matching the Galaxy S20 Plus and outperforming all the other S20 models in my tests. There are six gigs of RAM on board, which has me a little worried about how the phone will hold up in two to three years. Still, it’s there if you’re in a very dark situation. Still, concessions had to be made to hit the S20 FE's price point, and I think going a little light on memory was a smart one: as it stands today, the phone handles day-to-day tasks, gaming, and multitasking perfectly well, and I didn't notice apps falling out of memory to an extent that slowed me down. Samsung has also indicated you’ll get three years of system updates, starting with Android 11, which is always good news. Two features more than often ditched at this price. Max joined Trusted Reviews as a features writer in 201…, Better battery life than other S20 models, You have to pay more for the faster charger, Secondary cameras aren't the most detailed, This pricing puts it directly in competition with the OnePlus 8 (and likely, There’s an in-display fingerprint scanner here, rather than a physical button like you’ll find on the, Out-of-the-box the S20 comes with Android 10 and the latest version of One UI. Why Samsung didn’t add this feature to the Note 20 feels bizarre to me. While Samsung kept the Galaxy S20 design language on their Fan Edition device, the phone no longer uses the glass-and-aluminium mix found on its forebears. The Galaxy S20 FE looks like a Galaxy S20 with a dash of Galaxy A71. This variation won’t be available in the States. $600 is a steal. It’s also good to see Samsung not cramming in another sensor for the sake of it, some other brands offering cheaper Android phones should take note…. One of the true highlights of the Galaxy S20 FE is that the UK 5G version comes with the Snapdragon 865 platform, rather than the usual Exynos chipset you’ll find in the high-end Note 20 series and Galaxy S20. Neither of these are of the same quality as the main sensor and the results can be soft, especially when zooming, but they offer a nice bit of versatility. Also thanks to that CPU, it's 5G-compatible on all major US networks — although only the Verizon-exclusive S20 FE 5G UW is mmWave capable. We may earn a commission if you click a deal and buy an item. What is missing is a 3.5mm headphone jack, so you’ll be using the USB-C connector or wireless Bluetooth for audio. The FE retains an OLED panel with a small cutout at the top for the front camera, however it tops out at FHD+ rather than WQHD+ like on the Galaxy S20. These are far more interesting hues than you can find the S20 in, and Samsung said they all be available from various networks without the usual exclusivity. While I often struggled to make it through do with the S20 and S20 Plus, doing so with the S20 FE is easy and I can easily achieve more than six hours of screen on time – often more than an hour more. The Galaxy S20 Fan Edition is a remarkable device for the asking price as Samsung has chosen to compromise on features that don’t directly impact the basic-end users. On my heaviest day of testing, which involved a lot of 5G use and taking tons of photos, I managed just over five hours of screen time (at 120Hz). Samsung Brings Down Price With Galaxy S20 'Fan Edition' The 'fan edition' is what you'd normally think of as an S20 Lite, and it's designed to compete on price with the base iPhone 11 or iPhone 12. With great specs, 5G and a tempting price, the Galaxy S20 FE is the best Samsung buy in 2020. And it should: its Snapdragon 865 is a stone's throw from the most powerful chipset available in Android phones today (that honor goes to the slightly faster 865+). Even the finer details are right: the FE is IP68 rated, so you don't need to baby it. It's matte, does a reasonable job of repelling hand oils, and comes in six colors (you're looking at Cloud Navy here; there's also Cloud Mint, Cloud Lavender, Cloud Red, Cloud Orange, and Cloud White). Samsung has also indicated you’ll get three years of system updates, starting with. In the box, there's the phone itself, a 15-watt power brick, and a USB-A-to-C cable. $700 is very fair for a phone this good. Its price-to-features ratio is spot-on, and it's a well-deserved winner of our Most Wanted award. This screen is also quite colorful, as the S20 FE registered 133.3% of the DCI-P3 color space, which is shy of the regular S20's 162.5%. Still, a full charge takes just over 90 minutes so it’s too bad. He also directly manages Trusted Reviews’ mobile, wearables and tablet sections. Samsung says it’s the company’s flagship phone for the fans. Especially if you’re in the UK and want a Samsung Galaxy phone with the Snapdragon 865. Samsung remains the king when it comes to colour-rich, deeply saturated and slightly oversharpened shots and those traits are clear to see here. GadgetGuy’s take – Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G (Fan Edition) is a little confusing until you throw away those S20 series preconceptions. Whether you’re gaming on the device, streaming Xbox titles via GamePass or pushing the phone in any other ways it’ll handle everything without getting hot or slowing down. But it's actually very nice — closer to the plastic used on the smaller Note20 than, say, the glossy stuff on the Galaxy A21. The device costs $700 (£599, AU$999), handily stealing the … When it comes to charging there is support for 25w, however in the box there’s a 15w brick – something of a shame. There's also reverse wireless charging up to 4.5 watts. Video is strong too, even if it doesn’t possess the 8K skills of the regular S20. As you couldn’t combine 120hz and the higher-res anyway, this change seems fine to me. You’ll get seriously bright colours even from the wide angle camera, There’s plenty of detail and the focusing works even up close, 3x zoom: This isn’t a zoom king, but it’ll get the job done. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition has the biggest battery of the bunch at 4,500mAh – though of course it also has the biggest screen so it'll use more power. You aim to keep your next phone for three or more years. Audio from the speakers is good, if slightly easily blocked for the bottom speaker, and call quality is typical Samsung standard. But it's not too far from the best Samsung's got to offer in that department, either, and the flexibility of its three-camera setup is great to have. The screen is 1080p, which is a bit of a bummer; at that resolution at this size, you'll be able to spot individual pixels if you're looking for them. I don’t mind the plastic feel, especially on a more affordable phone like this and I really like the frosted finish which isn’t as prone to picking up fingerprints as glass – always a nice touch. Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition has a plastic back, while the screen is of the Gorilla Glass 3 type and thus not quite as robust as on the other mobiles in the Galaxy S20 series. Choose from fashionable, ultra-thin, tough and rugged, and more. But that’s subjective and you certainly do get crispier details and brighter colours here. Samsung’s interface has improved immeasurably over the past few years and while it’s very much different from Google’s own vision of Android, I still like how it looks and works. It offers the best features of the flagship Galaxy S20 from earlier this year for … The Galaxy S20 FE looks like a Galaxy S20 with a dash of Galaxy A71. Having said that, what corners have Samsung exactly cut and, beyond that, how does the phone feel to use? Now, if you do go for the cheaper 4G version then you will get the Samsung Exynos 990. It hath been rechristened the “Fan Edition,” and bestowed upon us for seven hundred dollarydoos. (Pocket-lint) - The final version of the Galaxy S20 to launch in 2020 is designed to offer the fans what they want. It comes in a number of nice colours too, including a very on-trend navy blue and a striking red. The 32MP front camera is good for those selfies and it has some software skills to push out a bit and cram more faces in. It's tall, with a 20:9 aspect ratio, and big: the screen is 6.5 inches diagonally, actually closer to the 6.7-inch S20+ than the comparatively compact 6.2-inch S20. The S20 FE has all the bells and whistles you could hope for. This is almost certainly down to the Snapdragon 865 chip, which seems to be far more efficient than its Exynos counterpart. The phone's vibration motor, usually a pitfall for less-premium devices, is mercifully fine; it's far from the best Samsung offers, but it's not distractingly loud or mushy. That phone's got more RAM, too, and it's guaranteed to reach its end of life one OS version ahead of the FE. But it's also 120Hz, and considering Samsung downscales its higher-resolution displays when they're set to high refresh rates, it's not that much of a loss compared to the other S20 phones. The front remains Gorilla Glass and the sides are constructed from aluminium for a rigid frame. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE review: It’s a complete phone with a 120Hz display, faster Exynos 990 processor, impressive triple cameras, and a battery that lasts all … At $999 for the 4G and $1099 for the 5G model, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition is extraordinary for its price point. The sensor is able to focus on objects just a few inches from the phone, and the result is strikingly clear extreme close-up photos. Running apps in floating windows is neat. So, let's digest the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G First up, let's look at the specs.. what do you get for $1200CAD (compared to the $1650 for the non FE) 6.5" @ 2400x1080 @120Hz ( +0.3" , -QuadHD ) As you’d expect from the flagship chipset, performance is top-drawer. There’s wireless charging too, and reverse wireless charging. Software on the FE is One UI as you know it — that is to say, colorful and occasionally overwhelming. Verdict. It’s got top-end internals, good cameras, 120Hz screen and a nice build. Android 11 is one of its three promised OS updates. The screen isn’t quite as colour accurate as of that on the S20 and it lacks HDR 10 support in apps like Netflix, however unless you place both phones next to each other it can be hard to spot. As you'd expect, shots at 30x crop are pretty useless. Paired with that chipset you’ve got 6GB of fast RAM, and 128GB of expandable storage. Like the Galaxy Note 20, the S20 FE ditches the glass back for a tough plastic one. Samsung recently added a new member to its premium Galaxy S20 family in the form of the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition. There’s an in-display fingerprint scanner here, rather than a physical button like you’ll find on the Pixel 5. The versatility afforded by having all three of these lenses is really great, and means you can get decent photos from a wide range of distances from your subject. In more challenging conditions, images can sometimes look weird and conspicuously over-processed (the creepy statue in the second).